P.S .212's Mission Statement

We at PS 212 believe that every child has the right to achieve his/her greatest potential. We are committed to providing all students with the opportunities and support to attain the highest standards and expectations for learning within a safe and nurturing environment. To this end, our school community will foster our students to become productive, literate, respectful, and responsible citizens.

School Attire


We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that P.S. 212 participates in the Chancellor's Uniform Program. Your child is strongly encouraged to wear a uniform Monday through Thursday; Friday is a dress down day. P.S. 212's uniform is a white or light blue collared shirt, blue pants or skirt. Jeans are not part of our school uniform, and are not permitted. P.S. 212 t-shirts are available for purchase from our Parent Teacher Association and may be worn on class trip days, and on school spirit Wednesday's or any other day. School Spirit Wednesday's take place during the first Wednesday of every month.  We strongly encourage all students to participate.

2015-2016 Quality Review

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